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Matt Johnson

I believe life is like a story: we write our own chapters and can have great influence in how each chapter ends. Whether you are seeking counseling long term, or as something to help you cope through a temporary problem, I am happy to help you learn more about the process of healing and more along the way. I primarily use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in my practice. I have practiced in the Quad Cities for over 3 years. I also do pro bono work with local first responding agencies treating trauma and other repercussions of the profession. I am also a military veteran, so I understand the impact of trauma not only from a clinical standpoint, but from many individuals I have known personally as well during my time in the service. If you are ready to start writing your next chapter, I am happy to help you no matter what you want it to look like. 



Bachelor of Arts in Psychology – Judson University, 2014

Master of Science in Counseling – Upper Iowa University, 2019


Contact Inside Out Counseling to get started!

1225 E River Drive 

Suite 330

Davenport, IA 


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