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Our focus is on leadership and communication
Business Meeting


Corporate Consultation

We know you have worked hard to create a company. Now let us help you retain it. Training in industrial and organizational psychology (chuck Capps, Tarian, Lisa Lieberman), to work with management teams on building cohesion and flexibility, training leaders in setting boundaries.

Work with a team of systemically trained therapists, assessing the problems within your company, making systemic diagnosis of the problem in order to recommend alterations, while coaching interactions among power differentials. This entails corporate retreats and meetings with staff in groups and individually.  Our systemic corporate coaches teach in the moment skills while maintaining standards held by the company. Estimates are given case by case. Minimum fee is determined at 450/hr.


We also offer structural coaching using systems and organizational psychology, improving interacts between staff, identifying and diagnosing systemic problems in order to save your company or organization from collapse, poor branding, and improve transference throughout your company


We work one-on-one with people to help unlock potential, explore perspectives and options, identify what is most fulfilling and what lights you up on the inside.

Group Meeting

We have worked with business leaders to tackle challenges by strengthening their communication capability and ability to engage others.


Working directly with community groups or indirectly  by supporting the area of communication, campaigning and engaging stakeholders in a course of action.

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